CDC Iñigo Montoya


2021 Lusitano x Canadian Stallion

CDC Iñigo Montoya (Finura CR x Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro) was born July 20, 2021 to our lovely Lusitano mare Finura…

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CDC Pacifica


2014 Andalusian Mare

Pacifica holds the unusual distinction of having traveled 280 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail before she was even born,…

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CDC Quilate

Victor Melendrez, Eugene, OR

2020 Lusitano Stallion

Born in the spring of 2020, CDC Quilate (RL Duchesa x Saphiro) is an incredibly athletic and beautiful buckskin colt.…

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CDC Relámpago (CDC Sonrisa x Saphiro)

Heather Humelbaugh, OR

2021 Andalusian Stallion

This beautiful colt, born May 1, 2021, is CDC Sonrisa’s first offspring, and we’re very excited about the quality that she…

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CDC Querida

Kim Peterson of Australia

2018 Andalusian Mare

CDC Querida was born in 2018. Her mother is the amazing multi-champion pure Spanish Andalusian homozygous black mare Odalisca GF,…

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CDC Amante (RL Duquesa x Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro)

Bridgett Klingler of Junction City, OR

2019 Half-Andalusian Gelding

Born July 2, 2019! We tried something a little different in 2018: crossing two of our beautiful mares with a high-quality…

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CDC Maya

Jill Lovelace of Eugene, Oregon

2016 Andalusian (Spanish Portuguese) Mare

We love the foals that RL Duchesa and Armani LFA produce! They are super friendly, athletic, and beautiful! CDC Maya…

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CDC Lutador

Rochelle O'Connor of Eugene, Oregon

2014 Lusitano Stallion

CDC Lutador earned his name (Portuguese for ‘fighter’) when he successfully fought back from the brink of death when a…

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CDC Caliente

Carrie Parker of Eugene, Oregon

2015 Purebred S/P Andalusian Mare

Purebred Spanish/Portuguese filly by multi-champion Armani LFA, our homozygous black P.R.E., out of Canadian Champion Lusitano Mare RL Duchesa, a…

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CDC Don Quixote de la Mancha

Victor Melendrez of Eugene, Oregon

2009 Azteca Gelding

Don Quixote’s magical facial markings might draw your eye first, but when you look more closely, you’ll see plenty to…

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CDC Abrazo


2007 Andalusian Gelding

CDC Abrazo (Romerito II x Odalisca GF) has incredible movement and a very sweet personality. CDC Abrazo and his owner Erica…

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CDC Luna

Shirley Holz-Lundeen of La Center, Washington

2011 Andalusian Mare

We’re very proud of the quality of this mare! Luna was born in 2011, to CDC Ansia (2013 Canadian Reserve…

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CDC Besita

Heather Humelbaugh of Banks, OR

2012 Half-Andalusian Mare

We’ve been so impressed with this combination as we’ve watched CDC Don Quixote de La Mancha grow up, that we…

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CDC Tejano

Hernan Torres of Veneta, Oregon

2012 Pure Spanish Andalusian Gelding

Out of an own-daughter of USEF Horse of the Year, the magnificent grey Santiago and by our Champion P.R.E. Armani…

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CDC Ansia

Pat Walters of Veneta, Oregon

2008 Andalusian Mare

Ansia is a lovely feminine filly, stamped with her father’s ‘look at me’ presence and her mother’s very baroque build.…

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Armani LFA


2005 Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion

I knew I’d found the perfect stallion for my ranch the first time I saw this incredible young talent as…

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CDC Ardiente

Sarah Kress of EsKay Equestrian in Eugene, Oregon

2008 Azteca Gelding

Sporting his sire’s signature star, Ardiente’s eye-catching presence and correct conformation make him a favorite with all who see him.…

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Alex Crippen of Creswell, OR

1998 Azteca Mare

Born in 1998, Anteri is a lovely rose-grey Azteca mare who absolutely adores people. Athletic and kind, she is as…

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Miguel Santana of Rancho El Mojo in Washington

Andalusian Mare

Caprichosa joined the Caballos del Corazon family in 2007. A classic old-style Andalusian, she represents the perfect combination of Spanish…

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