CDC Aurora Borealis


2023 Andalusian x Canadian Mare

Lovely filly, born July 31, 2023 out of our top-quality pure Spanish Andalusian mare, Cali, by the stunning palomino purebred Canadian horse stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro. AMARO Cali, a beautiful dark bay pure Spanish Andalusian, is a lovely straight mover with a ton of presence.   If you’re interested in being considered for this foal,…

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CDC Inigo Montoya


2021 Lusitano x Canadian Gelding

CDC Inigo Montoya (Finura CR x Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro) was born July 20, 2021 to our lovely Lusitano mare Finura CR, by the athletic and beautiful palomino Canadian stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro. Inigo is our third Canadian x Iberian cross, and we’re so excited by the quality of the combination, that we re-bred to produce…

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CDC Pacifica


2014 Andalusian Mare

Pacifica holds the unusual distinction of having traveled 280 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail before she was even born, as her dam Odalisca GF was carrying her in utero during a summertime trail adventure in 2013. This elegant and tall grey mare is stamped with her father, Hilandero X’s, amazing presence.  She grew up in…

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CDC Artemis

Glenda Nelson, Idaho

2023 Lusitano x Canadian Mare

Born July 20, 2023, CDC Artemis (RL Duchesa x Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro) was purchased en utero by Glenda Nelson, who knows a good thing when she sees it!   Here’s a short video clip of one of Artemis’ full brothers, CDC Amante, at 4 years old, with only two months of under saddle training. CDC…

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CDC Lucero del Alba

Rochelle O'Connor, Eugene, OR

June 12, 2022 Lusitano x Canadian Gelding

CDC Lucero del Alba (morning star) was born just before dawn on June 12, 2022. He has DNA color tested as a Perlino, the first that we’ve produced here at the ranch. Out of Duchesa RL, by Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro, Lucero is a GIANT of a colt, but incredibly well-balanced and elegant. He was spoken…

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CDC Lexi

Kristine Strasburger, Lexington, NE

June 2022 Andalusian x Canadian Mare

CDC Lexi (Cali x Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro) is exactly what we’re breeding for with our Canadian / Iberian crosses! From the moment she was born, she has captivated all who meet her with her personality, looks, and athleticism. Lexi was off the market almost as soon as she was born, claimed as the future riding…

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CDC Quilate

Rochelle O'Connor, Eugene, OR

2020 Lusitano Gelding

Born in the spring of 2020, CDC Quilate (RL Duchesa x Saphiro) is an incredibly athletic and beautiful buckskin Lusitano gelding.   Reference Photos – Sire, Saphiro click here for a Video shot July 30, 2023    

CDC Relámpago (CDC Sonrisa x Saphiro)

Heather Humelbaugh, OR

2021 Andalusian Stallion

This beautiful colt, born May 1, 2021, is CDC Sonrisa’s first offspring, and we’re very excited about the quality that she and Saphiro produced together. This colt is proudly owned by Heather Humelbaugh, who has big plans for his future!  

CDC Elegáncia de Brio (Odalisca GF x Lebrijano LIV)

Sarah Kress, Eugene, OR

2019 pure Spanish Andalusian Mare

We’re very excited about this filly! We bred our top-producing Champion mare, Odalisca GF to 2016 Reserve National Champion Andalusian Senior Stallion Lebrijano LIV for what is sure to be a dynamic, high-quality pure Spanish mare! CDC Elegáncia de Brio was born on June 25, 2019, and earned her name because of her elegant and…

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CDC Amante (RL Duquesa x Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro)

Bridgett Klingler of Junction City, OR

2019 Half-Andalusian Gelding

Born July 2, 2019! We tried something a little different in 2018: crossing two of our beautiful mares with a high-quality Canadian stallion with the goal of producing powerhouse performance horses with incredible trainability and beauty. We bred RL Duchesa, our buckskin Lusitano mare, to Reindance Riding’s golden palomino Cheval Canadien Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, and WOW what a…

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CDC Maya

Jill Lovelace of Eugene, Oregon

2016 Andalusian (Spanish Portuguese) Mare

We love the foals that RL Duchesa and Armani LFA produce! They are super friendly, athletic, and beautiful! CDC Maya was born May 1, 2016.  She is growing fast and has an incredible personality. We’re delighted that Jill Lovelace decided to take the plunge into the wonderful world of Andalusians with this beautiful filly!  

CDC Lutador

Rochelle O'Connor of Eugene, Oregon

2014 Lusitano Stallion

CDC Lutador earned his name (Portuguese for ‘fighter’) when he successfully fought back from the brink of death when a tiny tear in his umbilicus caused him to go septic at two days old. With prompt attention and great care by the staff at Oregon State University’s veterinary hospital, he made a complete recovery. Thank…

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CDC Caliente

Carrie Parker of Eugene, Oregon

2015 Purebred S/P Andalusian Mare

Purebred Spanish/Portuguese filly by multi-champion Armani LFA, our homozygous black P.R.E., out of Canadian Champion Lusitano Mare RL Duchesa, a buckskin. CDC Caliente was born in June of 2015 and is developing into a beautiful dark bay mare. She is strong, with solid bone and a look-at-me presence that is hard to ignore.  Athletic, sweet, and…

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CDC Don Quixote de la Mancha

Victor Melendrez of Eugene, Oregon

2009 Azteca Gelding

Don Quixote’s magical facial markings might draw your eye first, but when you look more closely, you’ll see plenty to keep you captivated! This Half-Andalusian colt is by Armani LFA, the sizzling black Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion whose show records stand testament to his royal lineage. He is athletic and personable and remarkably easy to…

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CDC Abrazo


2007 Andalusian Gelding

CDC Abrazo (Romerito II x Odalisca GF) has incredible movement and a very sweet personality. CDC Abrazo and his owner Erica Seelie were the 2017 USDF All Breeds Champions at the Training Level (out of 5 Adult Amateur competitors), with a median score of 68.462%.  The two also placed 3rd in the National All Breeds standings…

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CDC Luna

Shirley Holz-Lundeen of La Center, Washington

2011 Andalusian Mare

We’re very proud of the quality of this mare! Luna was born in 2011, to CDC Ansia (2013 Canadian Reserve National Champion Senior Mare, who is an own-daughter of the imported Champion Spanish stallion Hilandero X). Her sire is our amazing multi-National Champion Armani LFA. Luna’s royal lineage has been clearly evident since she was…

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CDC Besita

Heather Humelbaugh of Banks, OR

2012 Half-Andalusian Mare

We’ve been so impressed with this combination as we’ve watched CDC Don Quixote de La Mancha grow up, that we decided to try again. And, boy, are we glad we did! Besita (“Little Kiss”) has been a heart-stealer from the moment she was born. Quite a bit taller than her full brother as a weanling,…

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CDC Tejano

Hernan Torres of Veneta, Oregon

2012 Pure Spanish Andalusian Gelding

Out of an own-daughter of USEF Horse of the Year, the magnificent grey Santiago and by our Champion P.R.E. Armani LFA, Tejano is definitely a stallion prospect for those interested in a very high-quality Andalusian. We are DNA color testing this colt, as it appears at the moment that he may well stay his father’s…

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CDC Ansia

Pat Walters of Veneta, Oregon

2008 Andalusian Mare

Ansia is a lovely feminine filly, stamped with her father’s ‘look at me’ presence and her mother’s very baroque build. Started under saddle by Joanna Wayland of Rockin’ J Performance Horses in late 2011, Ansia is a joy to work with. Ansia started her under-saddle show career in 2012, with the Oregon State Fair, where…

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Armani LFA


2005 Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion

I knew I’d found the perfect stallion for my ranch the first time I saw this incredible young talent as a weanling. Armani’s sire, Guarapo, is by the incredible Genil (Champion of Champions in Spain and Mexico). His dam is out of Gremlan Farm’s Ladina and by Navarre, both IALHA Grand National Senior Halter Champions.…

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CDC Ardiente

Sarah Kress of EsKay Equestrian in Eugene, Oregon

2008 Azteca Gelding

Sporting his sire’s signature star, Ardiente’s eye-catching presence and correct conformation make him a favorite with all who see him. Ardiente is a black bay, registered as a half-Andalusian with the IALHA.


Alex Crippen of Creswell, OR

1998 Azteca Mare

Born in 1998, Anteri is a lovely rose-grey Azteca mare who absolutely adores people. Athletic and kind, she is as at home in the mountains of Montana as she is in the show ring. Anteri qualified for Nationals, Half-Andalusian Junior Mare in 2001, and in 2004 became the constant companion of IALHA youth rider (and…

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Miguel Santana of Rancho El Mojo in Washington

Andalusian Mare

Caprichosa joined the Caballos del Corazon family in 2007. A classic old-style Andalusian, she represents the perfect combination of Spanish and Portuguese bloodlines. CDC Ansia, Caprichosa’s 2008 foal (by Spanish Champion Hilandero X), is being retained for our breeding program. She is in good health but is showing her age, and I am looking for…

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