Hilandero X

1995 Pure Spanish Andalusian Stallion

Hilandero X was a magnificent 16.3hh stallion bred by Nobeleza del Guadiana in Spain who passed away in July of…

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Odalisca GF

1998 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare

Born in 1998, Odalisca GF comes from some of the finest bloodlines in the Andalusian breed. Her father Indiano XVIII…

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CDC Memoria

2009 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare

2009 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare Born in mid-April, 2009, Memoria is a living testament to the power of dreams. This…

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RL Duchesa

Lusitano Mare

Duquesa is descended from pure Portuguese Lusitano lines, top and bottom, although she is not eligible for inclusion in the…

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CDC Corazón

2015 Andalusian Mare

Corazón won our hearts from the moment she was born.  The third filly born to Odalisca GF and Hilandero X,…

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CDC Sonrisa

2014 SP Andalusian Mare

Beautiful, elegant Sonrisa brings a smile to our faces each time we see her (except when she is in the…

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CDC Vindicación

2019 Half-Andalusian Mare

Born May 27, 2019! We tried something a little different in 2018: crossing two of our beautiful mares with a high-quality…

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1996 Azteca Gelding

Jefe (the ‘boss man’) represents the quality we strive for with our Half-Andalusians. Born in 1996, this dark bay gelding…

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