RL Duchesa

Lusitano Mare

Duquesa is descended from pure Portuguese Lusitano lines, top and bottom, although she is not eligible for inclusion in the APSL studbook, as her parents were not presented for inspection. She is a beautiful buckskin mare who has an incredible personality ~ gentle and inquisitive, but not at all pushy.

Her first foal (CDC Honorato) by Rumbero of Owl’s Nest Farm was a stunning buckskin colt. Her second foal (CDC Sonrisa) by our own Armani LFA is an elegant and very feminine buckskin filly, with look-at-me good looks and a very cuddly personality. Sonrisa is being retained here at Caballos del Corazón.  Duquesa is expecting another Armani foal in the spring of 2015, and we plan to breed her back to him again for 2015.

Duquesa’s foals go very quickly. If you are interested in having your name added to the waitlist, please contact us.