CDC Amante (RL Duquesa x Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro)

2019 Half-Andalusian Gelding

Born July 2, 2019!

We tried something a little different in 2018: crossing two of our beautiful mares with a high-quality Canadian stallion with the goal of producing powerhouse performance horses with incredible trainability and beauty.

We bred RL Duchesa, our buckskin Lusitano mare, to Reindance Riding’s golden palomino Cheval Canadien Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, and WOW what a foal they produced! CDC Amante, has incredible bone and presence all wrapped up in a beautiful buttermilk buckskin coat.

Amante will be registered with the IALHA as a Half-Andalusian.

We anticipate that he will grow into an incredible performance horse, with athleticism, intelligence, and heart to spare!

We couldn’t be happier with Amante’s new owner: Bridgett Klingler, of Junction City, Oregon. Bridgett started working with Amante regularly in early May of 2020, and the two quickly formed a strong bond. We look forward to celebrating their journey together over the years. Congratulations, Amante, on finding a wonderful lifetime home and dance partner!

RL Duchesa, dam
Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, sire
Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, sire
Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, sire