CDC Inigo Montoya

2021 Lusitano x Canadian Gelding

CDC Inigo Montoya (Finura CR x Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro) was born July 20, 2021 to our lovely Lusitano mare Finura CR, by the athletic and beautiful palomino Canadian stallion Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro.

Inigo is our third Canadian x Iberian cross, and we’re so excited by the quality of the combination, that we re-bred to produce a full brother, born in May of 2023 (CDC Espiritu).

We started crossing our best Lusitano and Andalusian mares with Canadian stallion Amaro with the goal of creating the perfect sport horses. We’ve found the cross to produce calm yet athletic and very willing partners. The cross appears to be inheriting the best qualities of both parents: the calm nature, loving personality, and substantial bone of the Canadian coupled with the althleticism, balance, and beauty of the Iberian.

As a yearling, Inigo developed three small OCD lesions in his left hock. Although he was never off, his hock swelled, so we brought him to the Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where the surgeons successfully removed the rough spots and gave him a clean bill of health. The vets said that he will always be prone to having some extra fluid build-up in that hock, particularly after strenuous use, but assured us that it should in no way impact his athletic career or soundness. They cleared him for all activities (Working Equitation, Dressage, Eventing, Trail Riding, Driving).

Price: $12,500, payment plans available!

CDC Inigo Montoya (on the left) learning the fine art of rolling in the arena sand from his half-sister CDC Vindicación (on right). Photo by Tenara Blood.

A cute and fuzzy CDC Inigo Montoya at 10 months old. Photo by Tenara Blood.


Metistar Taj Mahal Amaro, sire


Dam: Finura CR


Here’s a short video clip of one of Inigo’s half-brothers, CDC Amante, at 4 years old, with only two months of under saddle training.

CDC Amante video clip